Further and higher education

The Library offers varied programmes for students in further and higher education to work with the collections first-hand and develop skills in selecting and analysing primary and secondary sources to support their studies and research interests.


Course tutors may combine an induction session with a specialised workshop or divide their programme between the CETLD Bene Education Room at 66 Portland Place and the RIBA Architecture Study Rooms at the V&A. For bookings or to discuss your visit, please contact us:

Tel: +44 (0)20 7307 3704 (Monday to Thursday) 
Email: library.education@riba.org       


Students working in the CETLD Education Room

Inductions are ideal for students who are unfamiliar with the Library and its collections or who will be conducting research for their course. There are two options for inductions:

  • Groups
  • Individuals 


Group inductions are led by staff from the Library and take place in the CETLD Bene Education Room at the RIBA. The programme is approximately 90 minutes in length and includes:

  • an introduction to the British Architectural Library, its history and collections
  • guidance in the use of the Library's online catalogue, online resources, including RIBApix
  • an overview of the Library's policies and procedures
  • a tour of the reading room facilities and a behind-the-scenes look at the Library's operations
  • discussion of conservation issues and guidance in the handling of documents, photographs and early works
  • direct interaction with resources from the Library's books and photographs collections
  • inductions can be combined with more in-depth workshops



Explore specific course themes and subjects in more depth during a Library workshop where students can investigate first-hand materials from the collections directly relevant to their research.

Library specialists will work with course leaders to develop the workshop's learning objectives and to select materials best suited to meeting these objectives. Workshops vary in length and can take place in the CETLD Bene Education Room at the RIBA or in the Prints, Drawings and Architecture Education Room at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Workshops can be combined with an induction session and might include: 

  • hands-on work with early works, photographs, drawings or archival material
  • facilitation by subject specialists from the RIBA Library staff
  • guided tours of 66 Portland Place, the V&A + RIBA Architecture Gallery or special exhibitions
  • additional resources, such as study guides or recommended reading lists 
    field studies

study days

Study days give students the opportunity to delve into the collections to investigate a particular theme or area of research and hear from speakers in the field on the subject. These events often complement the programme of exhibitions held at 66 Portland Place and the Architecture Gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Student events

Head over to the RIBA at 66 Portland Place or the V&A for a more social and informal introduction to the collections and V&A + RIBA Architecture Partnership. Open Days and evenings are held throughout the year and include hands-on workshops by students and architects practices, short talks and a closer look at the collections.