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Crispy john dory with warm pea mousse and sauce gribech


John dory

100g plain flour

Ice-cold sparkling water

Flour for dusting


  1. Mix together the flour and water until it has the consistency of double cream
  2. Flour john dory fillets and dip into batter mix; repeat 3 times and deep fry
  3. Let drain on kitchen towel before serving 


Pea mousse

200g frozen peas

1 shallot diced

50 butter

50 ml milk

50 ml cream

½ tsp agar agar powder


  1. Blanch peas in boiling water and refresh in ice water
  2. Sweat off the shallot in the butter and add cream when translucent
  3. Blend peas with cream and shallot mixture until smooth and pass through a fine sieve
  4. In a pan bring the milk to the boil and add the agar agar powder - this needs to be boiled to activate it
  5. Add the agar agar solution to the pea and cream mixture; mix well and leave to stand for 5 mins. Adjust the seasoning to taste, but use white pepper instead of black 
  6. Oil a ramekin dish and fill with the pea mousse
  7. Set in the fridge for 1 hour
  8. To warm through, place in an oven at 100ºC for 5 mins making sure it does not get too hot and start to melt


Sauce gribech

2 hard boiled egg

1 tsp of chopped capers

1 tsp of chopped gherkins

1 tsp of chopped tarragon

1 tsp of chopped chives

½ clove crushed garlic

50ml sherry vinegar

100 ml extra virgin olive oil 


  1. Separate the white of the egg from the yolk and finely grate both in to a bowl
  2. Add all the dry ingredients and incorporate gently
  3. Add the vinegar and then the oil
  4. You will be left with a split sauce; adjust for seasoning and serve all 3 elements together. You can add more or less of any element of the sauce depending on personal taste.