UIA World Congress 2011

26–29 September 2011, Tokyo




How will the global economy, cities, buildings and the environment have changed by 2050? With the dangers of global climate change we know that things can’t go on as they are at present. But what can we do, as architects, to create a better future?

The UIA World Congress of Architecture, Tokyo 2011, will provide a forum in which architects can plan to work together to design buildings for a better future.

The theme of the congress will be ‘Design 2050’, and will provide the opportunity for architects from all over the world to exchange views and share their visions of sustainable architecture, as well as help define the immediate future for cities and the environment.

The venue that will host attendees at the congress is the Tokyo International Forum, design by Rafael Viñoly.

For more information, visit www.uia2011tokyo.com.  

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