Exhibition: Bucky Fuller & Spaceship Earth


Ivorypress Art + Books is to stage an exhibition of the work of Buckminster Fuller, from 1 September to 30 October, in Madrid.

The show, which is curated by Norman Foster and Luis Fernández-Galiano, brings the different strands of Bucky’s career together with photographs original drawings and models and will be the first chance to see the recently completed recreation of the Dymaxion Car.

This exhibition has been produced in collaboration with Foster + Partners.

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New images of architectural heritage

The International Union of Architects (UIA) announces the results of the international
competition inviting architecture students to create image based models of significant
works of the 20th century from around the world. Students could choose to represent any
architectural realisation built between 1901 and 2000. Their architectural descriptions could be
designed as panoramic images or image based models of the building in its current state.
The international jury met on 17 June 2010, to examine the 52 projects submitted. Chaired by
Docomomo President, Ana Tostoes, the jury also included UIA President Louise Cox, Director
of the Grand Paris international workshop Bertrand Lemoine, Director of the UMR 694 MAPGamsau laboratory at the CNRS Michel Florenzano, and Director of the Autodesk product
Laurent Praden.

A UIA grand prize was awarded to Salvatore Corso, student at the Aldo Rossi faculty of
architecture in Bologna, Italy, for the image based model of Casa del Balilla, in Forli, Italy, built between 1933 and 1935 by architect Cesare Valle. His representation is an accurate
reproduction of the original architectural vocabulary of this edifice in danger.

A Docomomo prize was attributed to Alexandre Van Dongen-Vogels, student at the Superior
Institute of Architecture in the French community of La Cambre, Belgium for the image based
model of the Brussels-Ukkel Glass House, built in 1935 by Paul-Amaury Michel. The jury
applauded the quality and coherence of his model.

An honourable mention was awarded to a group of students led by Daniele Rossi from Italy´s
Camerino University for their image based model of a set of social facilities built during the
fascist period in various Italian cities.

A UIA grand prize together with a Docomomo prize were awarded to Fabio Freitas, Jonas
Abreu da Silva and Olivier Lauppi from the Federal University at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the
description in panoramic images of the Rio Modern Art Museum built in 1954 by Affonso
Eduardo Reidy. This project received the jury's unanimous praise for its understanding and
reading of spaces and volumes and for the visual restitution of the entire architectural complex.

Three honourable mentions were awarded to panoramic image descriptions:

  • to Chenyuan Qian, (Tianjin University, China), for the restoration of the Juer hutongs in
  • to Xin Ma and Xiaoyu Lang, (Tianjin University, China) for Tiananmen Square in Beijing.
  • to Yuriy Kuvshinov and Anastasia Marukhna (Moscow Institute of Architecture, Russia)
    for their reproduction of the Narkomfin collective housing complex built between 1928 and
    1930 in Moscow by Moisei Ginzburg.

This initiative is part of a partnership between the French Ministry of Culture and Communication’s direction of architecture and heritage; the French National Centre for Scientific Research (UMR 694 MAP-Gamsau Laboratory); the international committee
for Documentation and Conservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the Modern Movement (Docomomo) and the UIA to develop and enrich the web site, dedicated to 20th century architecture. Autodesk® was sponsoring this competition.

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