International Chapters


International Chapters

With over 4,600 overseas RIBA members, new plans have been introduced to develop a network of country ambassadors and overseas Chapters.
The aim is to enable members to come together as a community with common interests, to enhance their 'sense of belonging' and benefit from locally developed as well as RIBA-provided services.


Photo: Foster & Partners

The new Chapter network aims to:

  • support RIBA members in their professional lives
  • harness their contribution to knowledge that the RIBA can share professionally
  • engage and assist local and locally-based architects and co-professionals
  • continue to embed the RIBA as a 'world-class' organisation that is positively engaged with architects throughout the world.

With the establishment of the RIBA-USA Chapters, the next phase of Chapter development is to focus on countries/city states where there is a significant concentration of RIBA members, a local institute or strong partner.

For further information contact Chloe Sadler (Head of International Chapters) at

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