The National Flag of France

 The National Flag of France

Under the Directive 2005/36/EC of The European Parliament, on the recognition of professional qualifications, as a qualified architect from an EU country, you will be able to register and practise as an architect in France. To register, please contact the Regional Council of the Order of Architects (Conseil Regional) in whose jurisdiction you wish to establish yourself.

The standard documents required in order to register in France are as follows:

  • the original or a certified photocopy of the degree certificate or any other qualification issued by your school of architecture.
  • a certificate from the RIBA attesting to your 'morality and honorability' and clean record of professional conduct, with a translation into French
  • a copy of your passport
  • 3 passport-size photographs
  • a certified copy of your birth certificate
  • you may also need to get from your local police station a statement confirming you have no criminal record (valid for three years)
  •  proof of a professional address in France (original rent, electricity or telephone bills)

All documents supplied have to be translated into French and certified, with a period of validity below one year. A registration fee is due to the local French board of architects - the annual payment is approximately €250 for single practitioners and €450 for larger practices. Once registered; (the procedure can take up to 4 months), you will have to pay an annual contribution, proportional to the professional incomes.

The address of the Conseil National de l'Ordre des Architectes France is:

Conseil National de l'Ordre des Architectes CNOA
Tour Maine Montparnasse
33 Av. Du Maine - BP 154
F-75755 Paris
Cedex 15
T: +33 1 56 58 67 00
F: +33 1 56 58 67 01

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