The National Flag of Greece

 The National Flag of Greece

Under the Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament, on the recognition of professional qualifications, as a qualified architect from an EU country, you will be able to register and practise as an architect in Greece. To register, please contact the Technical Chamber of Greece.

The standard documents required in order to register in Greece are as follows:

  • the original, or a certified photocopy, of your degree certificate or any other qualification issued by your school of architecture 
  • a copy of your academic record 
  • proof of registration in home country 
  • a clean disciplinary record 
  • a certified copy of your passport 
  • a statement confirming you don't have a criminal record from your local police station.

Technical Chamber of Greece
4 Karageorgi Servias Street
102 48 Athens
T: + 30 1 325 4591
F: + 30 1 322 1772

For further information you may wish to contact:
The Athens Association of Architects - SADAS
15 Vrisakiou & Kladou
Gr-105 62 Athens
T: +301 321 5146
F: +301 321 5147


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