The National Flag of Macau

 The National Flag of Macau

A foreign architect cannot practise independently in Macau. Joint ventures with a registered local architect are permitted. For more information please contact the Associacao dos Arquitectos de Macau.

Requirements: (All original documents) Diploma in architecture as recognised in conventions between Macau and different countries, permanent residence permit

Procedure - Present application to the Government - Higher Educational Consulting Department (GAES) and the Public Works Department afterwards

Expenses - Sworn translation of documents (to Chinese or Portuguese), taxes

Documentation - Diploma in architecture, certificate of realised courses and the program of studies, order of recognition by the GAES, identity document, work & residence permit in Macau, certificate stating that you have not been subject of a disciplinary action.

Associacao dos Arquitectos de Macau
Av. Coronel de Mesquita, No. 2F

Postal Address
P.O. Box 3091
R. de Paquim 174
Edif. "Kuong Fat" 7 F
T: +53-703 458
F: +53-704 089


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