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Foreign Architects cannot practice independently in Turkey; joint ventures with a local architect complying with some requirements to practice are possible.

Foreign contractors or foreign entities, who are commissioned by a state or private body can employ foreign architects within the limits of that specific contract upon review and recommendation of the Union of Chamber of Engineers and Architects and the approval of the Ministry of Public Works.  (Law No: 6235 Article 34)

To employ foreign architects in the works except the ones noted above, depends on the decision of the Ministry of Public Works upon the Union of Chambers' review and recommendation.  Foreign architects employed by state or private establishments for advisory jobs and by universities as teachers, are exempt from this rule.  They are however allowed to work for the jobs they have been hired for and cannot practice in any other way. (Law No: 6235 Article 35)

Architects of Turkish origin, with foreign citizenship are subjected to law No: 2527.  Upon approval of related ministries, they can be registered by the Chamber having all the rights of members with TR citizenship, except to participate, to vote and to be elected in General Assemblies of the Chamber.

Joint applications should be made to the Ministry of Public Works together with the establishment that employs the architect.

Documentation required includes:

- recognised diploma in architecture
- copy of passport
- residence permit

For more information please contact:

Chamber of Architects of Turkey CAT
Mimarlar Odasi
Konur Sok. 4/2
06650 Ankara
T: +90 312 417 37 27
F: +90 312 418 03 61


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