The National Flag of Vietnam

 The National Flag of Viet-nam

Foreign architects are not permitted to practice independently. However, a joint venture with a local architect is possible after meeting some requirements. A foreign architect who wants to practise in Vietnam should be a part of a domestic company in the private sector. Liabilities of the foreign architects will be taken by the local firm.

The following documentation will be required:

- recognised architectural qualification
- proof of professional experience
- successful completion of additional examinations (if required)
- proof of registration in home country
- clean disciplinary record
- proof of financial solvency
- proof of insurance

An interview may also be necessary to complete the registration process.

For more information please contact:

Association des Architectes du Viet-Nam
23 Dinh Tien Hoang St
T: +84-4-826 2179
F: +84-4-934 9240

Ministry of Construction
Architecture and Planning Management Department
37 Le Dai Hanh
T: +84 4 9762 733
F: +84 4 9762 153

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