The National Flag of Zimbabwe

 The National Flag of Zimbabwe

Foreign architects are permitted to register and practice in Zimbabwe.

The following documentation is required:

- recognised diploma in architecture

- being over 21 years of age and resident in Zimbabwe

- professional practice examination and two years of continuous practical experience in the office of a registered architect in Zimbabwe or elsewhere

Two years internship may not be necessary if the Architects Council considers that the applicants work is of sufficient variety and of a satisfactory nature and standard for the purposes of registration as an architect.

There is a temporary registration for foreign architects which is renewable annually. The temporary registration for non-resident architects does not require proof of residence nor the professional practice examination. Temporary registered architects are recommended to establish a joint venture with a local architect, although they are not required to do so.

For more information please contact:

Institute of Architects of Zimbabwe
Conquenar 256 Samora Machel Avenue East
P.O. Box 3592
T: +263 4 748 826
F: +263 4 746 826

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