Awards Shortlist 2013

Chantry Farm Barn

Chantry Farm Barn(c)James Brittain

Architect: Hudson Architects

Private Client

 photo © James Brittain

Cornelius Vermuyden School

Cornelius Vermuyden School(c)Jim Stephenson

Architect: Nicholas Hare Architects

Client: Cornelius Vermuyden School

 photo © Jim Stephenson

Cory Environmental Visitor Centre 

Cory Environmental Visitor Centre(c)Giles Hoeg

Architect: van Heyningen and Haward Architects

Client: Essex Wildlife Trust

 photo © Giles Hoeg




Crowbrook(c)Dennis Gilbert

Architect: Knox Bhavan Architects

Client: Mark & Bee de Rivaz

 photo © Dennis Gilbert

firstsite:newsite, Visual Arts Facility

firstsite(c)Will Pryce

Architect: Rafael Vinoly Architects

Client: Colchester Borough Council

 photo © Will Pryce

Hinguar Primary School & Nursery

Hinguar Primary School(c)James McMillan

Architect: Space Craft Architects

Client: Southend on Sea Borough Council

 photo © James McMillan



Long Farm

Long Farm(c)Jack Hobhouse

Architect: Lucy Marston Architects

Private Client

 photo © Jack Hobhouse

Newhall Be

Newhall Be(c)Paul Riddle

Architect: Alison Brooks Architects

Client: Linden Homes Eastern

 photo © Paul Riddle

Oaklands College, Discovery Centre

Oaklands College©Rob Parish

Architect: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Client: Oaklands College

 photo © Rob Parish



Prittlewell Priory & Visitor Centre

Prittlewell Priory & Visitor Centre(c)The Facility

Architect: Cottrell & Vermeulen Architecture and The Facility Architects + Consultants

Client: Southend on Sea Borough Council

 photo © The Facility

Private House at Walk Barn Farm

Private House at Walk Barn Farm(c)David Grandorge

Architect: Charles Barclay Architects

Private Client

 photo © David Grandorge

Rosie Hospital - Perinatal Extension

Rosie Hospital - Perinatal Extension(c)Fisher Hart

Architect: Devereux Architects / Allies & Morrison Architects

Client: Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

 photo © Cecilia Wilden




Southend Pier Cultural Centre

Southend Pier(c)Luke Hayes

Architect: White arkitekter with Sprunt

Client: Southend on Sea Borough Council

photo © Luke Hayes

Takeley Primary School

Takeley Primary School(c)Ant Cole

Architect: Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

Client: Takely Primary School

photo © Anthony Cole

The Boathouse

The Boathouse(c)Amy Napier

Architect: Napier Clarke Architects

Private Client


photo © Amy Napier



The Long House

The Long House(c)Richard Davies

Architect: Hopkins Architects

Client: Living Architecture


photo © Richard Davies

The Old Vicarage

The Old Vicarage(c)Ben Burdett

Architect: Studio RHE

Client: Ben Burdett

 photo © Ben Burdett

Westborough Primary School

Westborough Primary School(c)Anthony Coleman

Architect: Cottrell & Vermeulen Architecture

Client: Governors of Westborough Primary School

photo © Anthony Coleman


Wildfowl Cottage

Wildfowl Cottage(c)Richard Davies

Architect: 5th Studio

Client: Stuart Duncan


photo © Richard Davies





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