Oaklands College, Discovery Centre

Oaklands College, The Discovery Centre

Oaklands College 01©Rob Parrish

Architect: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
Client: Oaklands College
Photographer: Rob Parrish

The Discovery Centre, which consolidates college buildings from all over St Albans, comprises two connected buildings: a two-storey teaching block providing accommodation for the teaching of art, fashion and design, as well as programmes for students with learning difficulties, and a triple-height sports hall complex.

The architects used a palette of local materials common in agricultural buildings, such as blackened timber and brickwork, which works well in creating an identifiable modern face to the college while at the same time not embarrassing some of the new building’s more humble campus neighbours.

The project has been delivered for a highly restricted budget. Internally simple materials and straightforward detailing give an unpretentious and appropriate workshop-like feel to the teaching and social spaces.



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