Takeley Primary School

Takeley Primary School


Architect: Sarah Wigglesworth Architects
Client: Takeley Primary School
Photographer: Anthony Coleman

Designed like a large villa, the new school building is largely single storey with monopitch roofs, and is organized around a series of four themed courtyards that are used as external classrooms. A red brick wall wraps around the perimeter and helps to integrate it with the surrounding predominantly brick housing development. With a standard Kalzip roof and high pressure laminate cladding to the courtyards walls, the brickwork is a humane touch and saves the building from appearing too industrial from the outside. On the inside, the classrooms all share the same design and are grouped in pairs around the courtyards.

At once playful and pragmatic, this project represents real value for money and is a great example of how a skilful architect can make an ordinary project special.

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