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Constuction of bamboo structure in Himalayan village - Viresh Patel

Construction of a bamboo structure in a Himalayan village - Viresh Patel

Travel Bursaries 2010

Five architecture students in the East of England have benefited from the RIBA East Travel Bursary scheme, which helps students to advance their architectural studies abroad.  

The scheme, which awards grants of varying amounts, received 12 applications from undergraduates studying architecture at the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford, who were planning architecturally related travel projects during 2010 and required help with travel costs. 

The grants, which ranged from £100 to £250, gave the students the unique opportunity to travel and study contemporary or historic architecture and to gain an important insight into other cultures, enabling them to carry out research relevant to their course during the summer vacation. The students were asked to submit reports by the end of October 2010, which can be downloaded below. 

The successful recipients were:

Phillip Wing from Cambridge and Benjamin Russell from Brentwood attended the BSc (Hons) Architecture course at Anglia Ruskin University. Phillip’s bursary went towards studying and drawing the architecture of Alvar in Helsinki. Benjamin travelled to Venice to study the Piazza San Mano, Santa Maria Della Salute, Santa Maria Giovanni e Paola, Palazzo Grasse, Doges Palace and Ca ‘d’oro and the artworks within the Galleria Dell Academia and the Palazzo Venier de Leoni. 

Greg Storrar from Warrington, Viresh Patel from Morden in Surrey, and Stephanie Crombie from Hampshire studied Architecture at the University of Cambridge. Greg travelled to India to attend a workshop set up by Architecture Sans Frontieres in collaboration with SEEDS (Social Economic Educational Development Service) India. It aims to explore innovations in green technologies specific to its geographic location in the Himalayas. Viresh also travelled to India, but his itinerary incorporated two separate visits in order to monitor and record building temperature fluctuations at different times of the year, as well as examining the resilience of current construction techniques. Stephanie’s trip to Barcelona was aimed at developing an understanding of the architecture and how it shapes the character of the city.

Travel Bursary reports 2010

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