Lime and Stone Conservation Workshop

02 October 2013

10:00 AM - 4:30 PM


State Chamber, Archbishops Palace, Southwell Minster, Church Street, Southwell, NG25 0HD


Morning session (10am – 1pm)
Lime seems such a basic building material yet is surrounded by many myths and opinions as to its correct use and specification. The seminar will look at the many aspects and uses of lime in building work, especially to old and historic buildings. It will cover repair, conservation, renewal and new work and include the following:
  • history and background to use of lime in buildings
  • composition and manufacture of lime
  • how to specify and detail
  • matching existing lime work and mortars
  • what to look for in good or bad work – how to identify problems
  • case studies.

Delegates are invited to bring along their questions or problems involving lime.
Speaker: Bob Bennett MBE Historic Buildings Consultant and Lime Specialist 

Afternoon session (1:30pm – 4:30pm)
This seminar will look at the principles and methods behind the conservation, repair and cleaning of stone buildings:

  • traditional construction and craftsmanship
  • analysing and detecting causes of deterioration, failure and decay
  • methods of repair
  • cleaning and finishing
  • specifying and detailing
  • quality of repair and what to look for

Speaker: Dr Alex Holton BA (Hons) MA (Dist.) PhD, Heritage Consultant for architects Purcell, Research Associate at The University of York


Please note lunch will only be available if you attend both sessions.

Attending 1 session (AM or PM)
RIBA/ CIAT Members (1x session only) £55 + VAT
RIBA Student Member (1x session only) £15 + VAT
Others (1x session only) £80 + VAT

All day (both sessions)
RIBA/ CIAT Members (1x session only) £110 + VAT
RIBA Student Member (1x session only) £30 + VAT
Others (1x session only) £160 + VAT


Sandra Hartley
01522 837480

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