Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark


Practice: Grimshaw
Client: The CuttySark Trust
Photographer: Jim Stephenson

Cutty Sark epitomises the great age of sail. Having sat on its keel in a dry dock for years, the ship's hull was sagging under its weight, which was starting to push the keel up into the hull. The ship's weight was redistributed by means of 12 new triangulated steel frames, like inverted coat hangers. This frame now carries the ship's weight.

The nearly disastrous fire of 2007 allowed a rethink as to how to display the ship and stimulated fundraising to pay for it. The new access bridge, stairs and glazed canopy have been designed to be structurally separate, providing access and protection without imposing any additional loads onto the ship or its supporting structure.

Viewing the ship from below gives a truly unique and awe-inspiring experience.

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