Westside Young Peoples Centre

Westside Young People's Centre


Practice: London Borough of Ealing Property Services (Gavin Leonard MADipArch RIBA, Chief Architect)
Client: London Borough of Ealing, Children's Services
Photographer: Morley von Sternberg

When architecture uplifts young people and helps to change the course of their lives it can only be commendable. Westside Young People's Centre is just such a project and its users are infectiously enthusiastic about their building.

The architect acted as much as community organiser as designer, working with the future users, incorporating their ideas about space and how to use it, and referencing art movements as diverse as Andy Warhol's factory and Russian Constructivism.

The building, while economical, is festive and uplifting. Spaces interact for views through to different activities. A sensory chamber for severely disabled youths and successful inclusive design has resulted in exactly that: people of various backgrounds and abilities freely mix in the new centre.

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