Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is about maintaining professionalism and competence, enhancing career development, business potential and gaining a sense of personal satisfaction.

RIBA London is committed to ensuring that members have a range of quality services & training available to them in order to add value to clients and the design industry as a whole. 

RIBA London co-ordinates the RIBA's ongoing national programme of CPD in London as well as running a number of specialist sessions throughout the year including the RIBA Conservation Course.

Core CPD Programme


The RIBA's national Programme of CPD comprises ten practical seminars, covering subjects in all ten RIBA Core Curriculum areas.

CPD Club


The CPD Club provides a cost-effective solution to attend all ten of the RIBA Core Programme seminars.

Additional CPD Programme

Conservation Course 2013

Throughout the year RIBA London co-ordinates an ongoing programme of additional CPD to advance member's knowledge in key specialist areas.

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