Play your Style: Shanghai Windows Project at Xintiandi

All Design with SMUDGE

Smudge by ALL Design (c) Jan Siefke

ALL Design| is a practice set up by Will Alsop and Scott Lawrie. The studio embraces an interdisciplinary approach in all scales of design and cultural endeavour - from teaspoon to city. It embraces architecture, product and graphic design, interiors, and landscape. Our mission is simple, 'ake life better'.

Installation: All Design's window for Smudge| literally blurs the boundaries between art, architecture and retail. The shop window contains mannequins, dressed by Smudge in the latest fashion, which are engulfed by a fog of patterns, as surfaces within the window and the glass itself are painted with coloured artwork. Fans positioned within the window blow hundreds of small bullet paper cut-outs (relating to the label's motto - Still Moving UnDer GunfirE) and coloured balloons, which are lit with laser beams and viewed through five clear portions of glass in the shop window.

Photo: Jan Siefke

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