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Erect Architecture with Haniiy

HaniiY by Erect Architecture (c) Jan Siefke

erect architecture| is an emerging practice with a strong focus on culture, education and play. The social aspects of architecture and inhabitation are its core concerns in creating environments that people enjoy being in. They have a strong interest in community engagement, and use it as a catalyst of discovery and learning for both user groups and themselves, and creating support networks between users. This inspires a sense of ownership, which creates the possibility of continuous development and sustained re-discovery once the architects have left.

Weaving the endless loom
Large sweeps of thread fold fluently through the retail space and continue outside the HaniiY shop to accentuate the entrance and create generous seating opportunities in the public space. The form of the frame is reminiscent of traditional looms and, combined with the use of contemporary materials (perspex frames and stainless steel wire), reflects the timeless nature of the HaniiY| collection.

Materials: Perspex frame, stainless steel wire with plastic coating, colours to reflect the HaniiY Fall/Winter collection.

Photo: Jan Siefke


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