Play your Style: Shanghai Windows Project at Xintiandi

Studio Weave with Shui On Land

X Pavilion by Studio Weave 2 (c) Jan Siefke

Studio Weave| is an energetic, emerging architecture practice profiled as one of 'Britain's Brightest Young Architects' and awarded the prize for Best First Time Exhibitor at the Royal Academy of Arts. The studio's work encompasses an extremely diverse range of projects from furniture and art projects, to buildings, landscapes and urban design.

Studio Weave's pavilion for the Xintiandi courtyard creates a zone of dense space within the courtyard: a zone that can be passed through, but is viscous and strange. Visitors can plunge into the space, pushing and pulling the chains aside to find little empty pockets surrounded by the golden streams. From inside, the view out is coloured by gold, as if from within a golden mist. The interactive pavilion is made from over 8km of golden chain suspended from a golden steel structure supported on four slender columns that disappear into the chains. Produced with Shui On Land|.

Photo: Jan Siefke

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