Play your Style: Shanghai Windows Project at Xintiandi

aberrant architecture with MF Art+

MF-Art by aberrant architecture (c) Jan Siefke

aberrant architecture| is a multidisciplinary studio and think tank, founded by directors David Chambers and Kevin Haley, that operates internationally in the fields of architecture, design, contemporary art and cultural analysis. From their studio in London they strive to capture the best of the past and the contemporary in order to shape the future of the designed world.

Installation: Shanghai Races

aberrant architecture resurrects the social past times of the historic Shanghai Race club, currently lost underneath the People's Square, and stages an interactive horse race in the windows of MF Art+. Unlike its high-society origins, the new Shanghai Races is open to everyone, transforming shoppers into horse jockeys, with races occurring on a track in the window of the MF Art+| store. The miniature horses and camera on the track allow spectators to experience the race first hand, as they gallop towards the finishing line.

Photo: Jan Siefke

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