Regent Street Windows Project 2011

craft:pegg with the National Geographic Store


83 - 97 Regent Street, London

The city is the porous manmade habitat which sits between earth and atmosphere. Every element is integral to our Ecosystem. The city of the future is dependent on its ability to minimise its resource demands and balance consumption with recycling.

craft:pegg's installation at the National Geographic store takes an optimistic view of the cities of the future. The piece focusses on opportunities afforded by emerging technologies to make the impact of the city on the environment as positive as possible.
Using back copies of the National Geographic and trace components of its production, the installation explores the past, present and future of cities and the technologies that will make them liveable and viable into the future. It encourages street viewers to discover the window with each component part revealing provocative images of future 
city themes.

craft:pegg, National Geographic

© craft:pegg

Exclusive Instore offer

The National Geographic store is offering an exclusive 15% off in the store (on selected items) and in the café. Quote 'RIBA' to claim. 

This offer will be valid only for the duration of the installation, 9 - 29 May 2011.




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