Regent Street Windows Project 2011

DSDHA/Diploma Unit 11 at London Metropolitan University with Banana Republic


224 Regent Street, London

With the possibility that current development will alter the uniquely contradictory character of Soho, DSDHA and the students of Unit 11 have declared a state of emergency. Together they propose a new Urban Constitution for an imagined Free State of Soho.

In 1854 a lethal outbreak of cholera took hold in the centre of London. At the time, Soho housed 432 people per acre- making it at least 10 times denser than today. In revealing a hidden menace through mapping contagion, Soho proved to be the site of a revolution in urban development.

Studio propositions engage with the contemporary notion of 'Exchange' within the scale of a city block, and are presented for the first time in the windows of Banana Republic on Soho’s western boundary.







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