Regent Street Windows Project 2011

Marks Barfield Architects with Gant

187-191 Regent Street, London

Nature and the City: Convex mirrors are a favourite artistic device used from Jan van Eyck in the 15th century to Anish Kapoor today. Silver birch is an indigenous pioneering species that would have once been found in the natural woodland that pre-existed central London.

The concept represents Rus in Urbe - the bringing of the countryside into the town. The tree stems are silver birch (Betula Pendula), known as 'Lady of the Woods', which have a distinctive peeling bark and are an indigenous pioneering species that were found in the natural woodland that pre-existed in central London.

The mannequins are loosely arranged according to Raphael’s 16th century painting of the School of Athens. The mirrors enlarge everything that is near and reduce everything in the background and are arranged to create an abstract representation of patterns in nature.


© Marks Barfield Architects





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