Regent Street Windows Project 2011

Scott Brownrigg with Uniqlo

84-86 Regent Street, London

Advancements in technologies and communication will have a profound affect on the development of the Cities of Tomorrow. Despite their geographical distances, cities will become increasingly more connected and accessible in everyday life as the result of the ever growing use and impact of the internet on our lives.

Essentially we all live in a giant network of cities, where there are no boundaries. This will create new dimensions to architecture within tomorrow’s world. Reflecting this idea, each pyramid represents a City of Tomorrow; each city is effectively limitless, and forms part of this ever growing global network.

Cities are also symbolic of the manmade world, but it is a world which is gradually being destroyed by those who have created it. With the issues surrounding global warming becoming more evident in our lives, the dangers associated with excessive UV light as a result of ozone depletion will need to be addressed further. The coloured light from the pyramids represents these UV light issues, these will continue to cast themselves upon us as we live in our Cities of Tomorrow.


© Scott Brownrigg


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