Regent Street Windows Project 2012

Delvendahl Martin Architects with Moss Bros

RSW Moss Bros by Delvendahl Martin Architects, photo agnese sanvito

Photo © Agnese Sanvito                  

Delvendahl Martin Architects'| proposal explored the possibilities of the Moss Bros| shop windows by distorting the perception of depth and perspective as viewed from the street.

This was achieved by using hundreds of cotton strings to stitch the edges of the window space to form a series of seemingly floating voids, where the three main strands of Moss Bros products were displayed. The material expression of the cotton strings recalled the raw materials of garments, the loom-based manufacturing process of cloth and the craftsmanship of the Moss Bespoke service.

RSW DMArch,MossBros

This installation was supported by ADi Solutions|, City University| and Michael Hadi Associates|.

RSW DMArchcontributors2


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