Somerset House Pod

Somerset House

Alsop pod at Somerset House constructed by FACIT.

Copyright: Steve Speller

The pod at Somerset House has been designed by Alsop architects working with Christ Church Primary School.

The architects devised a series of workshops with the children:

Workshop 1: On site at Somerset House, thinking about what aa 'pod' is and introducing a fictional design brief for a pod on a tropical desert island.

Workshop 2: At Christ Church Primary School, the children were asked to turn their ideas from 2-d to 3-d.

Workshop 3: Held at the Alsop studio, the pupils were asked to present their models to the 'Tides and Times' board.

Workshop 4: held at BBC 21CC the children made animations of thier pods on site.

The architects then selected elements fo the best designs and developed the pod design with FACIT. This gallery shows the design development.

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