Southbank Centre Pod

Southbank Centre Introduction


Copyright: Urban Salon

The pod at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre has been designed by Urban Salon architects with All Saints Primary School, Fulham.

The architects guided the pupils through a design process over four workshops.

Workshop 1: The pupils of Yeat 5 at All Saints Primary met Urban Salon on site at the Royal Festival Hall. Ray, Alex and Alison along with staff from the Southbank Centre, took the children on a guided tour of the building asking them to note down words and draw things of interest in special notebooks provided by the architects. The children were asked to start drawing their idea of what a pod might look like before seeing a presentation on the history of the Royal Festival Hall site.

Workshop 2: The children visited BBC21CC and made animations of visitors finding the pod at the Royal Festival Hall.

Workshop 3: The architects went to All Saints School to introduce model making skills and the class made their own pod models in groups.

Workshop 4: The All Saints pupils visited the Urban Salon studio and were shown architectural models and introduced to computer modelling. The children then made a polycarbonate structure, each making a component that bolted together to make an arch. Alison - Urban Salon's resident poet - then unveiled the poem that she had constructed from all the words written in the notebooks from workshop 1.

Urban Salon then developed a design for the pod consulting engineering specialists.

The pod is now open to veiw until 17 September 2009.

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