RIBA London Manifesto launched


RIBA London Manifesto 2012 

Coinciding with the 2012 London Mayoral elections, RIBA London this year launched its manifesto for a better designed capital.

The London Mayoral and Assembly Election Manifesto, Designing a Better London, sets out four key policies to provide a thriving, greener and better built environment for all Londoners.

Download the manifesto below.

In a message to the RIBA, Boris Johnson said:
'I would like to thank RIBA for its manifesto and the vital issues it raises.

Securing a legacy from the London Olympics is of crucial importance, and as such is a key part of my 9 Point Plan for Greater London. To help achieve a sustainable and beneficial legacy for all Londoners, I have created the London Legacy Development Corporation, chaired by Baroness Margaret Ford. The Corporation will play a key role in ensuring we secure the 11,000 new homes and 10,000 new jobs the Olympic Park will support.

I especially welcome RIBA's support for retrofitting. My vision is to make London the retrofitting capital of the world and I have extended my RE:FIT programme to cover all public buildings. I aim to target up to 600 buildings in London for retrofitting as part of my drive to reduce the capital's carbon output by 60% by 2025.

Like you, I am determined to revitalise our high streets and I am always pleased to hear of innovative ways, such as 'Meanwhile Uses', to ensure that our high streets remain the lifeblood of their local communities. It is for this reason that I have pledged, amongst other things, to invest £221 million to transform local high streets and support small businesses.

I look forward, if re-elected on 3 May, to working with RIBA on our shared ambitions of revitalising our high streets, ensuring a high quality of design in our capital’s buildings and driving growth forward. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank RIBA for the valuable work it does in championing better buildings, communities and the environment through architecture.'

Ken Livingstone welcomes RIBA Manifesto:
'I welcome the RIBA's contribution to the mayoral election debate and agree that great design should be at the heart of the Mayor's approach to planning, including London's most important regeneration project, the Olympic Legacy plans. I believe that great design is integral to improving London's environment.

I am also interested in looking seriously at what the Mayor can do to support 'Meanwhile Uses'. As a starting point I will ask the Legacy Development Corporation to prepare a strategy for Meanwhile Uses in the Olympic Park and I will be keen to roll this programme out across London if it is successful.'

Jenny Jones backs 'Meanwhile Uses' in the RIBA Manifesto:
'Design is crucial for delivering both sustainability and equality, not just for a four-year mayoral term, but building spaces and places which will be enjoyed for decades to come. I love the idea of 'meanwhile uses' and will definitely champion these if I am elected to City Hall.'

Brian Paddick welcomes RIBA London Manifesto:
'We have been presented with many positive manifestos during this campaign, including yours, and all contain some great ideas for the London that I will stand up for when I become Mayor. I welcome the RIBA's manifesto, and look forward to working with you when elected on 3 May.'

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