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The London Plan

The London Plan is the overall strategic plan for Greater London as defined by the 32 boroughs. It aims to set out a framework to co-ordinate and integrate economic, enviornmental, transport and social considerations over the next 20-25 years. The London Plan is the London-wide policy context within which the boroughs set their local planning agendas.

An amended plan is now being drawn up that will come into effect in 2011 and be in place until 2031. It is a replacement of the original dating from 2004. RIBA London with the national policy team was responsible for co-ordinating an official response to this that was submitted in January 2010. The document brings together existing policy work and introduces new strands of research and debate via RIBA London's Design, Policy and Planning Group (DPPG).

In 2010, RIBA London will be developing a legacy programme with its partners that will aim to embed RIBA policy in the thinking of those charged with delivery at both strategic and local level.

For more information contact Regional Services Manager Mike Althorpe

Replacement London Plan Summary

RIBA London:

  • Supports the overall direction of the revised London Plan and welcomes the Mayor’s commitment to encouraging high standards of design quality
  • Supports the Mayor’s focus on delivery at a local level but believes the Mayor must provide clear and coherent direction and support to ensure that Boroughs can deliver on the ground
  • Urges the Mayor to champion good design at a Borough-level, to encourage greater levels of design expertise in planning departments and the adoption of local Design Review Panels across all London Boroughs
  • Warmly welcomes design and space standards for new homes, but would like to see the guidance applied across all tenures, whether public or private
  • Supports the broad thrust of the Plan’s guidance on tackling climate change, but urges the Mayor to work closely with Boroughs to produce integrated, design-led solutions to mitigate against and adapt to the effects of climate change
  • Supports the Mayor’s commitment to improve the energy performance of existing buildings, but believes it important that conflicts between the conservation of energy and the conservation of the historic environment are debated and resolved
  • Welcomes the Plan’s strong emphasis on place-shaping and improving the public realm, but believes that clearer design guidance and tighter control over the design of public space is required to ensure this is achieved

Replacement London Plan Response Document 2010

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