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Debates 2010

Hosted by RIBA London in conjunction with the RIBA Policy and Public Affairs team, the events were intended to provoke and reveal policy priorities as the institute considered the priorities of the coalition government and their likely impacts in the wake of 2010's Comprehensive Spending Review.

1. What next for design capacity building?

Wednesday 20 October, 9am, RIBA Gallery 1

The debate asked:

  • Where do the built environment professions go next with design review strategies and are they an effective means by which to give design its teeth in the planning system?
  • Is it the best way to nurture development prior to application?
  • Is it robust enough to rest within the legislative process or should we be investing in and ultimately restoring faith in the local authority as design champion?

With contributions from:

  • Fred Manson - Former Director of Regeneration at the London Borough of Southwark
  • Mark Brearley - Design for London
  • Esther Kurland - Urban Design London 
  • Finn Williams -  Common Office and 
  • David Partridge - Argent Group PLC

Event resources and summary document:

2. Is the English home at odds with the sustainable agenda?

Tuesday 2 November - 9am, RIBA Gallery 1 
Produced in conjunction with the Institute for Sustainability's Flash Programme the debate asked: 

  • Is our traditional attachment and idea of home the greatest challenge to innovating in the residential sector?
  • Is legislative guidance on so called 'character' areas and conservation planning policy confusing and offers home owners and sceptics of climate change a convenient get out?
  • Do home owners have the right tools and products at their disposal to embrace new technologies?
  • Could local planning be relaxed to encourage innovation at home or is the protection of residential settings so entrenched that those implementing such sea changes dare not risk taking on the local backlash?

With contributions from: 

  • John Alker - UK Green Building Council
  • John Christophers - ZeroCarbonHouse
  • Robert Adam - Adam Architecture 
  • Nigel Barker - English Heritage and
  • Hamish Phillips - Green Tomato Energy

Event resources and summary document:

3. How can we revive housing development?

Tuesday 16 November - 9am, RIBA Gallery 1 
The debate asked:

  • With development plans mothballed, targets on the verge of being scrapped altogether and a continued lack of affordable housing emerging from the current model, do we need to re-evaluate how we deliver homes altogether?
  • With a localist agenda promoted by government and the 'right to build' can we look again at community-led and co-operative development as a viable alternative?
  • Can councils emerge once more as builders responsive to local need or do we need to challenge our national attitudes to land tenure and its associated value?

With contributions from:

  • Richard Blakeway - Director of Housing, GLA
  • Lee Mallett - London Planning & Development Forum
  • Dr Anthony Lee- BNP Paribas Real Estate
  • Roger Tullett- The Metropolitan Housing Trust
  • Roger Zogolovitch -

Event resources and summary document:


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