Lobbying and influence

RIBA London co-ordinates a range of projects in support of and in addition to national RIBA Policy & Public Affairs activities and campaigns.

Headed by the Design, Policy & Planning Group (DPPG), its remit is to advance architecture in London by demonstrating public benefit and works with members and co-professionals in response to a range of planning and development issues.

The group works to lobby and influence key bodies in the Capital such as the Greater London Authority (GLA), the City and the London boroughs, while positioning the RIBA London Region as a test bed for ideas, new initiatives and the practical application of policy aims.


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Design Planning & Policy Group

Chris Hampson - Hampson Williams Architecture and RIBA London Council Member

Neil Wilson - Neil Wilson Architects
Luke Tozer - Pitman Tozer
Tony Edwards - Place Design + Planning Ltd.
Esther Kurland - UDL, London
Lawrence Mawson - RIBA London Council 
Brian Waters - BWCP
Joanna Chambers - Broadway Malyan
Justin Bere - bere: architects
Richard Saxon - Consultant for the Built Environment
Wayne Hincks - EPR
Silvia Ullmayer - Ullmayer Sylvester Architects

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