2010 ceremony

RIBA Awards 2010

2010 JS

James Soane: Jury Chairman© North News & Pictures ltd

RIBA Awards are given for buildings that have the highest architectural standards and make a substantial contribution to their local environment.

Buildings (defined as any structure whether new, or restored, rehabilitated or converted) submitted for the RIBA Awards programme must be designed by an architect who is a chartered member of the RIBA, RIAS or RSUA; or by an architectural practice, at least one of whose full-time principals is a chartered member of those institutions; or be an architect who is an International (honorary) Fellow of the RIBA.

The 2010 Awards Jury:

James Soane: Jury Chairman

Peter Millican: Jury Lay Assessor

Dolan Conway: Jury Regional Representative

The Short Listing this year was undertaken by:

James Soane: Project Orange

Dolan Conway: RIBA North East Chairman

Peter Beacock: Northumbria University

Kirsteen Thomson: One North East

Lianne Knotts: MAAP Architects

Will Mawson: Napper Architects

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