The Hadrian Medal 2011

'Celebrating & rewarding the talent of North East students in the pursuit of excellence in the study of Architecture'

Part 1 Winner - Hugh Craft

The weight of information Hugh managed to display was staggering. The progression of the design through a series of meticulous models showed the true essence of design. His playful handling of a serious subject matter showed great maturity that manifested in a beautifully crafted piece of urban place making.

The subject matter of diet and eating habits is a serious one yet difficult to imagine how you could educate the public through a building without it being patronising. Hugh managed this expertly and while clearly having fun on the project managed to create a serious piece of architecture that I imagine would inspire interaction from the local community.

Not an inch of the building design was left to chance. Managing to progress all facets of the design simultaneously and have such a refined result through the process shows amazing talent.

Such was the completeness of Hugh's presentation you could not find fault with any aspect architecturally or graphically and when read in conjunction with the well researched and constructed narrative it made for a breath taking and winning combination.

Highly Commended - James Van Geffen


James Van Geffen

 James Van Geffen ©Jennie Lynn Read

The portrayal of the tranquil surroundings of Keilder were done in a visually mesmerising display. Underneath the rich tiers of graphical content, the simple ordered plan sat well in the surroundings and was believable in every aspect. By not trying too hard the design made the most of the surroundings, well composed and well thought through, the project showed a clarity of purpose.

What made this project stand out from the rest was the technical excellence in this stunning presentation. Images so rich that you began to question if the building had actually been there for some time. Graphics alone do not stand up on their own and this project had excellent substance to back it up.

Highly Commended - Joseph Warner


Joseph Warner

 Joseph Warner ©Jennie Lynn Read

Simply a brilliant idea. While the group of buildings made for a relatively small and respectful intervention, the gravitas of the bigger idea made incredible shockwaves. The question mark over toxic waste is one literally buried out of sight by construction globally and his move in turning asbestos into art it is a signal to us all to wake up.

In tackling this massive issue Joseph also managed to regenerate an area, re-invigorate a dwindling art and restore pride in a region, not bad for a semesters work. This was presented visually in a way so apt to the subject matter that it touched all the other senses, drawing you in and making you want to see more.

Ideas this strong don't come along very often, the impact on the environment and the chosen site is hard to measure. Executing a genius idea like this is sometimes where it falls down but Joseph pulled this off with incredible skill.



Part 2 Winner - James Longfield


James Longfield

 James Lonfield ©Jennie Lynn Read

The project creates a delightful relationship between its buildings and the theme of an open banking system. In this scheme for rehousing local charities, the prominent and brutalist Bank of England building at Swan House is supplemented by a cleverly and sympathetically designed new brutalist building to form a new public space.

With the removal of the roof and windows, the original building which is also opened to the elements. The public are invited in to the spaces to retake these symbols of banking, whilst cell-like living accommodation in the building allows the bankers to contemplate their new position in society.

The Panel particularly enjoyed both the thinking behind the project and the rigour that James applied to ensure the scheme achieved its brief. 

Highly Commended - Holly Galbraith


Holly Galbraith

 Holly Galbraith ©Jennie Lynn Read

The panel enjoyed the playful link between the old walls of the city and the barriers that the homeless face in being reintroduced to society. Holly could demonstrate understanding of the issues of the building users and how the proposed scheme would provide the facilities needed. The scheme, over two sites, was well thought through and the designs are sensitive to the challenges of the sites. Spatial organisation and material selection added to the feel of a scheme that would add to the local environment.

Highly Commended - Simon Hargreaves


Simon Hargreaves

 Simon Hargreaves ©Jennie Lynn Read

The Panel were extremely impressed at both the level of research and the inspiring solution to the complex issue of recycling cars. Simon's understanding of the process and ingenious design identified and solved the problems of the process and provided a solution on a fitting industrial scale. The tower design would create a beacon for the city serve as a reminder of the issues we face when using the worlds resources.


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