Hadrian Medal Awards 2012

Part 1 Winner - Lam Nguyen


Part 1 WinnerLam NguyenNewcastle University© RIBA North East

To take a simple brief for a cycle hotel and turn it into something that explores way beyond is truly breathtaking. The project addresses the after-image of an iconic structure, replacing it with something even more impressive and imposing. But unlike the car park, this building is a living, breathing, growing vertical neighbourhood. 

The concept is explored, developed and presented to an exceptional standard with a real graphic strength consistent across models, drawings and visuals. The resultant scheme divided opinion and sparked discussion – is it too brutal, impersonal, even cold? Either way, it does what all good projects should – it asks questions, challenges and engages you. A demonstration of exceptional effort and an outstanding piece of work!



Part 1 Commended - Alex Davies


Part 1 CommendedAlex DaviesNorthumbria Univeristy© RIBA North East  

A beautifully simple and superbly articulated collection of buildings.  The scheme draws strongly on the vernacular in profile and scale, but is developed into something altogether more exciting by the use of space within and between buildings. The structured sunken landscape provides a great arrival experience, from which the three contrasting building are clearly arranged. The tower acts as a beacon for an otherwise unassuming collection of buildings.  We all agreed this felt like a great place, somewhere we’d all love to visit.









© Alex Davies



Part 2 Winner - Hanna Benihoud


Part 2 WinnerHanna BenihoudNewcastle University© RIBA North East

In an age of recession and hardship and its effects on society, questions scarcely arise about the consequences of this on men. The breakdown of relationships, mental health problems and the fear of harm from themselves or others are topics which few tend to dwell on. With as few as 5 places of refuge for men in the whole of the UK, the need to reach out to this vulnerable element of society seems pressing.

Situated on top of Eldon Square shopping centre in Newcastle, the safe house's cover story becomes the architecture of an assumed plant room. Sitting anonymously within the skyline the safe house becomes an escape route from the city and society.

Hannah's intellectual approach to the subject matter really impressed the judges. The problems investigated and solutions reached felt very current. The clever use of the unused rooftop space and how it morphed into its surroundings seemed to make perfect sense and you start to question why this doesn't happen more often.

Intriguing models and drawings captivated the judges and the whole project felt 'of its time'.


Part 2 Commended - Jennifer Webb

Winner p2 c

Part 2 CommendedJennifer WebbNewcastle University© RIBA North East

The NE VOICE Photographic Institute, based in small urban site in Newcastle, looks to bridge the division between school and work-life by teaching photographic skills to young people; helping them to further understand the built environment, build their confidence and strengthen an ownership of the city. Research into this area has been reinforced by the NE6 VOICE project, where a group of young people were asked to record their local area through everyday photography. The project helped to broaden their interest in the built environment and the work was celebrated with an exhibition at the Great North Museum.

This was a beautifully presented and very mature scheme located on a site many of us have walked past but barely realise is there. Like the title of the project, the presentation of the scheme was almost photorealistic to a point where the judges thought they were viewing a magazine editorial. This was a body of work that Jennifer should be very proud of.






© Jennifer Webb



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