Student Awards

The Hadrian Medal

The RIBA North East Student Awards celebrates the talent of architectural students in the region and rewards students in the pursuit of excellence in the study of architecture.

The Hadrian Medal rewards imagination and ingenuity in relation to the brief and outstanding creative ability in the development of the architectural response.

Each university nominates a shortlist of students which represent the highest achievers from the Part One and Part Two year groups.

The entries are judged in competition with one another at their respective levels.

Judging will consist of two categories:

  • The Hadrian Medal is awarded to the overall Part One and Part Two winners
  • The Hadrian Commendation awarded to the runners up.


Hadrian Medal 2013
Part 1
Part 2


Part 1 Winner
Justin Chu

Part 2 Winner
Jonathan Dennis


Hadrian Medal 2012



Part 1 Winner

Lam Nguyen

Part 2 Winner

Hanna Benihoud 


Hadrian Medal 2011

Student Awards 2011


Part 1 Winner

Hugh Craft

Part 2 Winner

James Longfield




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