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The RIBA host a Design Review Panel for the North East. The North East Design Review and Enabling Service (NE DRES) is made up of 28 multi disciplinary experts based in and around the region. The panels remit is to improve the design quality of the built environment in the region.

What is Design Review?

Design Review is an independent and impartial evaluation process in which a panel of experts on the built environment assess the design of a proposal. The projects that Design Review deals with are usually of public significance, and the process is designed to improve the quality of buildings and places for the benefit of the public.

Design Review is conducted by expert practitioners with current experience in design and development, a record of good design in their own projects and the skills to appraise schemes objectively.

Design Review offers feedback and observations that will lead to the improvement of schemes, but does not redesign them.

Design Review gives decision makers the confidence and information to support innovative, high quality designs that meet the needs of their communities and customers.

Who is it for?

Local Authorities

Whether it is carried out at the pre-application stage or after an application has been lodged, Design Review enables local planning authorities to ensure that developers and design teams produce high-quality, inspiring buildings and public spaces.


Professionals from both the public and private sector will usually welcome timely and constructive analysis of their designs and the direction of their projects. The value of Design Review has been acknowledged by organisations ranging from Government departments to speculative developers creating commercial, residential and mixed use projects.

Design Teams

Design Review gives constructive, impartial, advice to architects, urban designers, landscape architects and other design practitioners from fellow professionals who are able to examine the project design from a variety of perspectives and at sufficient distance so as to offer a fresh viewpoint that can identify design issues which the project designers may be too close to see.

How to submit a scheme?

The NE DRES Design Review Panel meet monthly to review schemes. To submit a scheme please contact the North East Office on 0191 261 7441.

What are the costs?

Design Review is a professional service therefore has a cost attached. The cost for a scheme to be reviewed by the Panel is £1,500 (exclusive of VAT). The cost of the service is a small proportion of the total development budget, and is massively outweighed by the value it adds.

To find out more

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