Northumberland and Newcastle Society

Northumberland and Newcastle Society



The Northumberland and Newcastle Society serves Northumberland, Newcastle and North Tyneside. It is a voluntary organisation run by its members with some salaried help.

Who are the Newcastle and Northumberland Society?

As individuals, we may feel powerless to influence decisions about planning matters that affect our lives. By joining with others, we can become part of an active and influential force. The Northumberland and Newcastle Society offers that opportunity. Founded in 1924, we are recognised as a major force in the North of England. The Society is regularly consulted on planning and environmental matters by local authorities and other bodies.

We use pressure of informed public opinion to protect vulnerable buildings, landscapes and townscapes and to enhance the quality of life in town and country. We collaborate with other amenity societies at a local level - Civic Societies are affiliated - and on some major issues have joined forces with national bodies such as The Campaign to Protect Rural England and the Council for National Parks.

Further Information

For further information on the Newcastle and Northumberland Society please contact their regional office:

Jesmond Methodist chruch
St George's Terrace
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE2 2DL.

Tel: 0191 281 6266




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