Young Practitioners Forum

Support the YPF


Why should you support the YPF?

The YPF provides an opportunity to identify and connect the next generation of construction professionals in the North East.

These connections will benefit not just the individuals, but their companies and ultimately the North East region as a whole. It is an opportunity to invest in the business infrastructure for the next generation for the North East region.

Supporting this initiative will promote an association with a vibrant and enthusiastic group of professionals who have the potential to become the next generation of business leaders in the region.

The YPF will also give back to society by supporting the fundraising activities for the planned Maggie’s North East centre.

How can you support the YPF?
The YPF are looking for support to ensure this initiative can be sustained indefinitely. We have a number of different opportunities available and would be more than happy to discuss these in further detail. Please contact Amanda McManus for further information.

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