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Studying in Newcastle

Studying in Newcastle is a great experience for any student. In its thousand years of history

Angel of the North

Angel of the NorthCredit: R James

Newcastle (properly known as Newcastle-upon-Tyne) has grown from a defensive fort on Hadrian's wall, to one of the most influential cities in industry. Today, Newcastle has become a world leader in culture.

Newcastle's History

Newcastle's history and heritage is fascinating. You can visit one of the many historic castles in the surrounding area, or plan on visiting any of the numerous museums dedicated to one of the many industries that Newcastle fostered, mostly famously shipbuilding and mining hence the expression "can't sell coal to Newcastle!"

Arts and Culture In Newcatle  

The Baltic
A disused 1950's grain warehouse on the Gateshead Quays has been transformed into a leading contemporary visual art space The Baltic. The landmark building houses over 3000sqm of art space, artists' studios, a cinema/lecture space, restaurants, a library, and an archive for the study of contemporary art.

If you like theatre then why not catch the Northern Stage's latest production at the Newcastle Playhouse. Outside of the Royal Shakespeare Company, this repertory company is perhaps one of the strongest theatre company's in the UK placing Newcastle and its theatre on the international stage. 

Landmarks in Newcastle

The Quayside In Newcastle
The Quayside in Newcatle is an area of the city which captures the old and the new. Here you will find a long list of bars theatres restaurants hotels. Why not take a stroll by the Tyne and admire the famous bridges.

Tyne Bridge & Her Sisters
All Geordies know they're are home when they see the Tyne Bridge & her sisters spanning the waters of the river. This short stretch of the tyne currently boasts no less than seven bridges, the first of which was built in 1849, and the last one in 2000.

The Gateshead Millenium Bridge 2000
For the first time since the Swing Bridge opened in 1876 a new bridge has been built linking the Quayside's at the river's level. The blinking eye is a marriage of functionality, beauty, individuality and invention. Most importantly, along with the Swing, it has created a means for revellers to comfortably flow along both quaysides, and now new business and new consumers are being drawn to the Gateshead Quays. The developments at the Baltic and Music centre are only the beginning, in a few short years both sides of the river will be lined with restaurants, hotels, pubs and clubs.

Nightlife in Newcastle

A night out in Newcastle will not fail to please. The opportunities for having a great night out

Gateshead Millenium Bridge

Gateshead Millenium BridgeCredit: H Shopper

in Newcastle are arguably the best in the country. Newcastle has an excellent selection of pubs and clubs in which to spend time and have fun. The Geordie hospitality is unmatched and with Newcastle's large student population the pubs and clubs are of excellent quality to ensure a fun night out for all.

Geordie Culture

Being a Geordie is something that people from Newcastle take particular pride in. Just ask Ant and Dec! It is not just the chirpy language and the aimiable friendly attitude that defines a Geordie it is something deep rooted in the cities history. This mainly comes from the shipbuilding and the mining and all that the north east produced during the industrial revolution. However, where the Geordie pride kicks in is how as a city it coped when the industries stopped and the area went into poverty. Now the fact that Newcastle is considered to be one of the party capitals of Europe is a source of pride to its locals.

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