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The architecture programme at Northumbria University is interested in developing projects
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 Northumbria University's School of Architecture

with a connection to place: an architecture that is buildable and sustainable. Students are encouraged to develop narratives from the site, through a design process that places an emphasis on model making.

Studio-based design projects are central to this programme and are designed to stimulate imaginative responses to issues concerning the north east of England.

Studio project work makes up half of the programme, and is underpinned by taught modules. The studio is structured to give students clear direction, with students encouraged to produce weekly development sheets, which build up into well organised portfolios.

Alongside studio projects, students examine the practical aspects of architecture, such as construction, sustainable design and management. These subjects are aligned to tie in with project work, and provide valuable preparation for work in practice.


In the validation report of their 2004 visit, the Royal Institute of British Architects applauded the programme for:

The excellent facilities provided for the students.

The superb physical resources in the form of a dedicated architecture studio and IT provision.

The quality of design achieved by all students.

Developing an innovative course that is delivered with energy and commitment and creating a thriving studio culture with a sense of community among students, fostered by studio arrangements and good staff support.

Forging strong and proactive links with local practice, which are valued by students and practitioners alike and inform the management of the course.

The close and growing collaboration with the University's School of Design, which has distinct benefits, both in the cross fertilisation of ideas and the sharing of facilities

The integration of management issues into the design process, such as leadership, project management, decision making, team working between and within professions, was exemplary and should be considered as a model for future consideration elsewhere.

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Architecture Degree Show 2008

Holly Galbraith, Winner 2008 Hadrian Medal

Holly Galbraith, Winner 2008 Hadrian Medal

Architecture Degree Show 2008

Peter Virtue, 2008 Hadrian Medal Commendation

Peter Virtue, Commendation 2008 Hadrian Medal

Architecture Degree Show 2008

Northumbria University Degree Show held in the Design studio

Northumbria University Degree Show held in the Design studio

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