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Regional partners - RIBA North West

RIBA North West believes in working with partners wherever appropriate. We believe that a joined-up approach helps engage with a wider audience and ensure maximum output from limited resources. Recent initiatives include Architecture Week 2007, which was delivered in partnership with the Arts Council England and the Architecture Centre Network. Individual events were organized in partnership with venues and organisations including Liverpool Biennial, Cube and FACT.


Places Matter!

Places Matter! is an organisation devoted to generating a strong sense of place in living, working and leisure environments throughout the Northwest. Places Matter! is an Architecture & Built Environment Centre that works across the public and private sectors to drive up the skills and knowledge of all those involved in new development, promoting good design and encouraging strong client leadership.

The Places Matter! remit is to understand the economic case for promoting good design, ensuring project developers and managers provide strong client leadership.

 Pan-professional CPD

Regional representatives of the built environment professionals signed a pan-professional Memorandum of Understanding. The move followed research funded by RIBA and RENEW Northwest and is aimed at minimizing silo thinking between the professionals. Following on from this several success events have been organized between several of the professional institutes. 


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