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City of Culture, Learning and Faiths

Hope Street  
Anglican Cathedral from Catholic Cathedral steps

Hope Street has played a role in the history of Liverpool for generations. 

© Paul McMullin

Philharmonic Pub Interior 
Philharmonic Bar

Some interior visits will be made on the tour, although there won't be time to stop for a drink!

© Paul McMullin

Anglican Cathedral
Canning Street

Liverpool proudly boasts of having two cathedrals, situated at either end of Hope Street.

© Paul McMullin


About City of Culture, Learning and Faiths

Join the RIBA Liverpool City Guides on a walking tour around Hope Street, one of the most important streets in the city and discover more about the buildings and spaces that have influenced generations. Starting at one cathedral and ending at the other (not many cities can boast that!), the tour tells the tale of a street that has inspired creativity and gives you a taste of the arts, education, music, politics, religion and even places to relax and unwind in. There will be the chance to view the interior of some buildings.

Tour information
The tour runs on a Saturday at 11am.

Meeting point
The Piazza Cafe (at the base of the front steps of the Metropolitan Cathedral), Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L3 5TQ.

Booking information is found on the RIBA Liverpool City Tours homepage.


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