Future Leaders - North West

26 September 2012

1:30 PM - 4:30 PM


CUBE, Manchester


The Future Leaders event is an initiative established by the Large Practice Group of the RIBA as a means of providing the next generation of architects with the skills necessary to lead their practices in an increasingly complex profession and construction industry.

The course has been extremely well received and whether you are a partner or director of a practice looking to enhance the skills of your future leaders or an individual striving to be a future leader, this is the perfect event for enhancing your own business skills or those of your staff. Following the success of the 2011 events, the Future Leaders 2012 programme in partnership with The Rooflight Company, has been extended to the North West.


Networking to generate business

Is your practice organised for effective networking? Do you have a strategy in place? At business functions do you 'work the room' or speak to the people you have been with all day?  There are thousands of contacts to be made.  

Everybody is talking about networking, but few people know how to do it effectively.

This workshop will illustrate the professional and personal profits of networking inside and outside the company.

This three-hour course will be delivered by Judith Gilmore of Effective Communications and it will cover:

  • Why networking is essential
    Effective managers work with and through other people in order to get the work done efficiently.
  • The importance of building an internal and external company network
    It is very easy to get out of touch with what is happening in the practice - especially the higher you get. Effective people develop networks to keep informed.
  • Feeling comfortable 'working the room'
    How do you get into a group? How do you get out of a group? How do you remember names? How do you use your business card to best effect? Learn to 'work the room'.
  • Planning a networking strategy
    How many business functions do you and your colleagues attend every week, month, year? There are thousands of opportunities to raise your company profile.  


If you are interested in the ideas behind Future Leaders, but would find it difficult to make it to Manchester please read our information on the Future Leaders programme being run in London. 



£45 (including VAT)


Siân Edgerton
0151 707 4382


RIBA North West

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