Colstons Girls School

Colston's Girls' School

Colston's Girls' School

Scheme name: Colston's Girls' School
Practice: Walters and Cohen
Client: Bristol City Council and Bristol LEP Ltd
Photographer: Dennis Gilbert

By intelligently re-organising spaces and routes, this project deals with many of the difficulties to do with the site and the programme. The confident new building cleverly wraps around existing buildings creating a coherent collection of spaces.

A new theatre opening onto the street, encourages public access; the brick façade reflects patterns and tones from the original building; recycled teak lab benches are used in the public spaces.

This is successful, unpretentious architecture, which has restored a school's sense of its status in the local community.



We kindly thank our sponsors, Forbo Flooring Systems|, for their support of the RIBA South West Excellence in Architecture Awards 2012.
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