Berry Head Rocks, Devon

Berry Head Rocks

Berry Head Rocks Exterior View Nigel Rigden

Scheme name: Berry Head Rocks
Practice: Stan Bolt: Architect
Client: Private House
Photographer: Nigel Rigden 

This is a masterclass in house design, with a generous budget on a truly remarkable site. The low profile house is set down discreetly with planted roofs below the coast road. While the house faces due north, great care has been taken to fill the interior with light using clever rooflight arrangements. The Blue Lias stone (used internally and externally) is washed with light throughout the day. Its qualities unfold as one moves around it. There is genuine theatre, none of the clichéd moves of modern living.

‘The ‘infinity terrace’ (protected by a modern ha-ha rather than balustrade) adds to the visual fluidity from house to sea. Each of the staggered guest bedrooms has its own private external deck overlooking the sea.

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