Winners 2008

Baden Powell Outdoor Centre

Baden Powell Outdoor Centre

Baden Powell Outdoor Centre
Architects: Wilkinson King Architects
Client: The National Trust
Copyright: Wilkinson King Architects


The approach to the building is by boat to the beautiful seclusion of Brownsea Island, then by Land Rover to the site itself. The siting of the buildings in the near perfect landscape is successful with the public front of house gathering space facing the water and a service area space at the rear. The tent metaphor for the buildings and their relationship to one another achieves an intimacy and is very successful.

The undoubted challenge of logistics was well considered, clearly and cleverly surmounted. The detailing of the building envelope is refined and elegant with the beveled gable edge detail and hidden gutters achieving a slim elegance to the gable edge profile and through this finesse in the completed building shell.

The site is precious and it is important that the buildings do not permanently scar the landscape. The way in which the buildings and deck both hover only touching the ground lightly, is successful.

The scheme is in the best tradition of low impact building, has several layers of ingenuity and is attractive from the exterior.


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