Winners 2008

Overall winner - Mirldown House

Mirldown House

Mirldown House
Architect: Stan Bolt, Brixham
Client: Mr & Mrs O'Sullivan
Copyright: Stan Bolt


The jury were enthralled by this building and found it truly inspiring. The front door to the little thatched cottage opened and a wonderful view through to the exciting new building beyond provided a wonderful surprise.

The contrast with the existing cottage is dramatic and yet the scale is not overwhelming - it compliments rather than challenges the little cottage. The building is intriguing and complex in terms of space. It draws you in to look further. It is a sophisticated interpretation of spaces, a three dimensional experience, beautifully crafted where natural light has been used to tremendous effect. The landscape has been fully understood, views have been deliberately framed and sheltered outdoor spaces created.

As you move through the building, beautifully designed and executed details present themselves to you one after another. The plan is clever with a sense of complete and exciting space being created within a compact area. Simple, pure and unfussy materials; oak, steel, brick, concrete and terracotta are used confidently and boldly. The central ground floor core is constructed from in situ concrete with specially cast curved (quadrant) corners including heads and jambs to doors. A simple aluminium extrusion has been cast into the concrete to form a picture rail from which beautiful paintings in a variety of frames hang.

This house is theatrical but practical and comfortable. The integrity of design has been followed through every detail even out to the garden bike shed. The project is beautifully crafted and it is clear that every detail has been considered and resolved well in advance of construction.

The cottage has been owned by the clients for many years and is well loved. The architect has managed to retain its essence whilst making something significant and completely considered which transcends fashion.


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